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HSQ provides turnkey SCADA systems for hydroelectric power generation, substation automation, and facility level electrical power distribution and monitoring.

USACE U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nashville, TN

Systemwide SCADA Upgrade (March 2019 - Present)

This project involves upgrading the SCADA systems for six remotely operated hydroelectric power plants and three master hydroelectric power plants. The existing Tetragenics system has reached its end-of-life and is being replaced with an HSQ MISER SCADA system. The scope of work includes the design, fabrication, and delivery of six new SCADA System Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) for the six remote power plants, and the design, supply, and configuration of new front-end computers and workstation equipment at the three Master Power Plants and six Remote Power Plants.

The updated HSQ MISER SCADA solution consists of integrating the HSQ RTU, Modbus, and DNP3 protocols to allow seamless communication between the RTUs, field devices, and master servers. Each protocol has advantages and disadvantages and was evaluated for the best application for each installation. Communication bandwidth between sites is provided by an owner-provided T1 line.

The current megawatt (MW) and Mega Volt-Ampere Reactive (MVAR) automatic controls are being preserved and ported to the new system. The existing field devices, relays, motor operating devices (MODs), breakers, etc. will be integrated into the new system as points for monitoring and control. These devices will connect as hardware points in order to communicate to and through HSQ RTUs at both remote and master sites.

Blakely Blakely Mountain Dam and Powerhouse Royal, AR

Clarence Cannon Dam MISER Installation (September 2011 - November 2012)

This project was a continuation of a partnership with HSQ going back to 1994. This contract involved integrating a dam and powerhouse in Missouri, previously operated by another agency, into the Blakely Mountain system. The scope of work included the installation of two new HP rx2660 Integrity Server/Workstations with a MISER SCADA system and the accompanying database and graphics. The local server/workstations store history locally and then forward it to the servers at Blakely Mountain so that no history is lost in the event of a loss of connectivity. The new system communicates with the central station via leased line and uses a satellite system for backup communication. Also provided were, two new HSQ RTUs and associated converters, I/O boards, and temperature sensors that communicate with the MISER system via Ethernet. One of the RTUs is located at a remote reservoir to control water regulation gates to ensure the proper level for flood control purposes. The new MISER SCADA system is responsible for monitoring perimeter security and door access. It also talks to the existing electrical meters using Ethernet and DNP3 protocol.

Idaho Southern Idaho Power Plants Boise, ID

MISER SCADA System for Fully Automatic Operation of Five Power Plants (March 1995 - Present)

The SCADA System includes a Master Station and three Sub-Master Stations. The Master Station is located at the Black Canyon Power Plant and consists of redundant AlphaServer host computers, an AlphaStation Programmer's Workstation, and peripherals on a 10 MB Ethernet LAN. It provides centralized monitoring, data acquisition, and automatic and supervisory control for the Black Canyon Power Plant and Deadwood Dam and the Sub-Master Stations located at Anderson Ranch, Minidoka, and Palisades Power Plants. The system has more than 4,000 points. The Sub-Master Stations provide the same functions as the Master Station, but only for the power plant for which it is responsible. Communications between Master and Sub-Master Stations are accomplished through two independent communications channels.

HSQ installed Global Positioning System (GPS) synchronized time and frequency receivers at each power plant to provide information for use by the SCADA System. Also, included was Automatic Generation Control (AGC) Software to provide unit efficiency and plant optimization, unit rough zone constraints and calculation, load setpoint control, and VARs control. Eight HSQ RTUs are used for remote monitoring and control of SIPs and VisualCL executes logic for conditional activation, vector operation, and is Change of State (COS) for nearly instantaneous response to incoming information.

Radford Radford Army Ammunition Plant Radford, VA

MISER SCADA and RTU Upgrade (February 2010 - September 2010)

This upgrade included HSQ Logic Processors and new I/O boards for sixteen RTUs, new servers, and other ancillary equipment for the MISER upgrade. The MISER upgrade provided two new servers with four monitors, Ethernet switches, terminal servers, and a color printer. The RTU upgrade provided field installation to upgrade RTUs to current 25x86 processors, complete with software conversion and field testing.

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