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HSQ provides turnkey hydro electric power generation, SCADA, substation automation, and facility level electrical power distribution and management systems.

Southern Idaho Power System

HSQ designed and installed a SCADA system for the Southern Idaho Power plant which provides direct monitoring and control of the system Master Station and three sub-master Stations. The HSQ SCADA System contains a total of approximately 4,000 points (field sensors).

Master Station: The SIP Master Station is located at the Black Canyon Power Plant and consists of redundant host computers and additional workstations and peripherals on a 10MB/s Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN). It provides centralized monitoring, data acquisition, automatic and supervisory control for multiple locations within the system.

Hill AFB Electrical Distribution System

In 1995, the United States Government awarded a contract to HSQ Technology to upgrade the electrical system at Hill Air Force Base , located seven miles south of the City of Ogden, Utah. The upgrade consisted of automating the Base's electrical distribution system which, until then, had been monitored and operated manually. HSQ provided a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System to monitor and control the 12kV power distribution system plus kWh power monitoring of approximately 195 electrical meters throughout the Base. The project included refurbishing an existing structure where the new SCADA Master Station was installed; this building is now called the Master Control Room (MCR).