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HSQ MISER systems manage multiple facility resource control and monitoring subsystems in large buildings and campus complexes, such as energy management, HVAC, escalator, elevators, etc.

Scriever Schriever Air Force Base Colorado Springs, CO

Multi-Building Energy Management Control System (December 1984 - Present)

In 1984 HSQ designed, manufactured, and installed an EMCS for the Consolidated Sapce Operations Center. This was followed in 1989 with a similar system for the National Test Facility Research Builidng. In the interim, there have been numerous upgrades, repairs, and maintenance visits.

Replace EMCS in Building 400 The scope of work for HSQ included the replacement of all HVAC pneumatic controls with new electric actuators. Instrumentation was comprised of temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, and pressure sensors. Different phases of the project were responsible for different areas of the building and required installation of forty-five Variable Air Volume controllers, 170 damper actuators, twenty-seven Air Handler Units, and new and upgraded RTUs. The system has now grown to over 18,000 points. Commissioning included programming, testing, and integration of the new EMCS with the base-wide EMCS network, including new graphics and a database for the workstations. In the final phase, there was another server was added, the existing server was upgraded, and the fiber optic cable was replaced.

RTU Installation and Upgrade for Building 300 This project provided two new RTUs and upgrade components for ten existing RTUs, along with replacement of sixty-nine Variable Air Volume controllers in Building 300. The scope of work by HSQ included equipment, installation, programming, startup, and training.

RavenRock Raven Rock Mountain Complex Fort Detrick, MD

Energy Management Control SCADA System (November 1989 - Present)

Control System for CAASL HSQ was involved in the design, manufacturing, and commissioning this project that included an RTU panel twenty Variable Air Volume controllers, and other equipment for monitoring and control of two Air Handling Units and associated Vairable Frequency Drives and instrumentation. This is a Department of Defense facility and requires security clearance and consequently must pass routine security audits.

Upgrade Existing SCADA System This project required HSQ to furnish and install all materials, equipment, supervision, and accessories to upgrade the existing SCADA system and interface with the Central computer. This involved seventeen new RTUs: two utilizing fiber optic cables; four utilizing UHF radios, and eleven using telephone lines. The system now has more than 7,000 points that serve the Building Management SCADA system.
Additionally, HSQ has provided phone support and maintenance visits for more than 30 years, maximizing up time and enabling the system to function exactly as intended.

SFO San Francisco International Airport San Mateo County, CA

Energy Management System (January 1995 - Present)

Mechanical Maintenance Integrated Control Highway (MMICH) HSQ was tasked with designing, furnishing, and installing an Energy Management System. This project replaced the existing, outdated Honeywell System with an HSQ MISER system. The system consisted of redundant Host servers in the Central Plant Control Room that have the responsibility for the energy management functions of the airport. Two HSQ RTUs replaced the Honeywell DGPs, controlling the Central Plant boiler and chillers. The changeover to the HSQ sysem was accomplished with very little disruption to plant operation.

Security and Special Systems, Facilities Systems Package This project consisted of furnishing several subsystems for the new boarding areas, International Terminal Building, parking garage, Concourse H, Airport Rail Terminal Stations, and a new Communications Center equipment room. The subsystems included a Fire Alarm System, Maintenance Alarm and Monitoring System, Power Monitoring System, Public Address System, Community Access Television System, Emergency 911 Telephone System, and a Radio System. The Communications Center is state-of-the-art and contains eighteen control consoles, an Ethernet hub, and complete computer aided dispatch system. Also included was a variety of other protective equipment.

Hardware and Software Upgrade In 2009, HSQ undertook a project to furnish and configure four new HP Itanium servers, ten new LCD monitors, Ethernet switches, color printers, UPSs, and a MISER software upgrade with the conversion of taped history to disk.

Integrate Honeywell System This project provided programming and six workstations to integrate the existing Honeywell system at the International Terminal into the MISER SCADA system. It included conversion of approxiamtely 10,000 hardware points, 10, 000 software points,a nd 966 graphic slides as well as field testing.

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