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MISER History

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MISER History and Reporting

MISER includes historical data recording, retrieval, and spreadsheet style reporting functions. MISER COS history recording accumulates data change events, both digital and analog values. Each change is recorded with a time stamp indicating the time the change was detected by the host server, and the RTU/controller device (if the RTU/controller supports time stamped report by exception). COS history is saved to daily record files. An indefinite number of daily files that can be maintained on-line, depends only on the frequency of reporting and the capacity of the on-line hard disk drive. COS history is used to provide near real time history for recent history and to provide high resolution history over extended periods for selected points.

Both on-line and archived history functions are supported. Exception oriented recording and history compression utilities allow large history databases to be maintained on-line. On-line history retrieval includes real time trend charting and historical trend charting. User configurable spreadsheet report files can be output in ASCII, DIF and XLS file formats to export data to popular PC applications.

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