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25x86 Logic Processor

  Logic Processor

Processor Boards

Download Specifications: 25x86 Datasheet.

Processor Type:
x86 1.0 GHz (Standard/Low Power)
256 MB SDRAM, expandable
Non-Volatile Memory:
64 MB CompactFlash standard, expandable
Real Time Clock:
Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Seconds and an On-Board Clock Battery
Watchdog Timer:
Automatic System Reset after Software Failure
Ethernet Interface:
Embedded 10/100MB (UDP and TCP/IP)
Serial Ports:
Three RS-232 and One RS-232/485 standard, expandable, USB available
Master Protocol:
Allen Bradley DF1, ASI, Modbus Master (Serial/TCP), DNP3 Master
Remote Protocol:
HSQ COS Protocol, Modbus Slave (Serial/TCP), DNP3 Slave
PC/104 Connector:
Allows access to Open PC/104 Bus Architecture (32-bit)

HSQ 8602 Control Panel Board

Power, Stand Alone Active, Outputs Enabled, Initialized by Host, Door Open
Stand Alone Mode (Forced/Auto/Inhibit), Outputs Enable/Disable
Embedded I/O:
12 TTL Digital Inputs, 12 TTL Digital Outputs
4 Analog Inputs, (4-20mA, 0-1mA, 0-5V, 0-10V) (Note: Configurable as 24VDC Digital Inputs)
3 Analog Inputs (4-20mA)
Auxiliary I/O Port: 4 TTL Digital Input and 4 TTL Digital Output
I/O Expansion Bus Port:
2500 Series I/O Expansion Boards, up to 25 boards, 832 points
Battery Voltage Monitor:
On-Board AI Monitors +24VDC Supply Voltage, Reads Battery Volts During Discharge
AC OK Monitor:
TTL from 2585 Power Control Board, Indicates AC Power Being Used, i.e., Battery Not Discharging
Battery OK Monitor:
TTL from 2585 Power Control Board, Indicates Defective Battery
Address Switches
Unit Address, 1-999
Ops Monitor Relay
24 VDC, 10 A Maximum
Door Alarm
Photocell Activates Internal Alarm Point When Illuminated, Adjustable Threshold


Logic Power
5 VDC, 6 W (Standard) 3.7-4.4 W (Low Power)
Field I/O Power
24 VDC, Power Consumption Varies by I/O Configuration
0-60°C Operating
(Optional Thermostatically Controlled Heater for Extended Low Temperature)
5-95 Percent Relative Humidity, Non-Condensing
17.78 cm x 25.40 cm (7" H x 10" W) - Depth Varies According to Board Configuration
DIN Rail Mounting:
Fits standard DIN rails (35 mm)

HSQ AUX I/O Interface Boards

  • 1046 Digital Input, 8 Channel 24 VDC
  • 1047 Digital Output, 8 Channel 24 VDC
  • 1332 Digital Output, 8 Channel Form C 10 Amp relay
  • 8646 Digital I/O (12 Input / 12 Output) 24 VDC

2500 Series I/O Expansion Boards

  • 2507 Analog Output, 4 Channel
  • 2508 Analog Input, 32/16 Channel
  • 2509 Digital Input, 32 Channel
  • 2533 Digital Output, 32 Channel
  • 1368 Digital Input Conversion Left Entry
  • 1369 Digital Input Conversion Right Entry
  • 2534 32-Ch. Intelligent DI (SOE to one Millisecond)
  • 2535 4-Ch. DI to AI Adapter Board
  • 2548 16-Ch. Relay DO Form C 10 Amp Relay
  • 2569 16-Ch. DI and 16-Ch. DO

HSQ 6000/6200 Series Remote I/O Modules

  • HSQ-6015 7-Ch. RTD Input
  • HSQ-6017 8-Ch. AI / 2-Ch. DO
  • HSQ-6018 8-Ch. TC Input / 2-Ch. DO
  • HSQ-6050 12-Ch. DI / 6-Ch. DO
  • HSQ-6051 12-Ch. DI / 2-Ch. DO
  • HSQ-6052 8-Ch. DI / 8-Ch. DO
  • HSQ-6060 6-Ch. DI / 6-Ch. Relay
  • HSQ-6066 6-Ch. DI / 6-Ch. Power Relay
  • HSQ-6217 8-Ch. AI
  • HSQ-6224 4-Ch. AO / 4-Ch. DI
  • HSQ-6250 8-Ch. DI / 7-Ch. DO
  • HSQ-6256 16-Ch. DO
  • HSQ-6260 6-Ch. Relay Output
  • HSQ-6266 4-Ch. DI / 4-Ch. Relay Output


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