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MISER is a real-time distributed database software system designed for data acquisition, telemetry, SCADA, process automation and facility management applications.

Key Features:

  • Distributed, real-time databases (up to 32,000 points standard, 64,000 points optional)
  • True, client-server architecture
  • X-Windows/Motif graphical user interface (Xview)
  • Time-stamped history data recording and trending
  • TCP/IP open network communications
  • MISERnet - high performance Change-Of-State (COS) database linking
  • Multiple open hardware and software platform support
  • Redundant server with automatic fail over
  • Redundant data highway (LAN) and remote communications
  • Remote user access via PC, workstation or laptop computer
  • ORACLE relational history database option
  • SQL data interchange
  • Data export to MS Office and other PC applications
  • VisualCL - HSQ's IEC 61131-3 graphical function block language
  • Browser access to on-line manuals

MISER can be efficiently applied to systems ranging from small single computer/single user systems to large distributed systems with multiple control centers, and many user workstations. MISER's design is optimized for high performance, mission critical applications.