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HSQ Technology provides turnkey control and communications solutions around the globe to a wide variety of water/wastewater management needs.

Turlock City of Turlock Turlock, CA

Water Quality Control Facility (January 1990 Present)

In 2003, the existing plant underwent a large expansion. The facility utilizes an HSQ RTU network throughout that reports back to the plant's MISER SCADA System using HSQ RTUs and software. HSQ was responsible for setting up the new RTU control system interface with a new high rate flocculation/sedimentation treatment unit and cloth disk filter control system via Modbus+ network. HSQ programmed the controls for the new chlorine feed system as well as coordinating the installation of RS485/Modbus communication and programming to interface with the control systems for the new program power monitors in the Primary Sludge Pump Station, Chlorine Electrical Building, and Primary Switchgear Building. HSQ was responsible for providing RTU Control Cabinets and all the RTU programming (both new and existing), SCADA screen development, reports, and telemetry setup and coordination between the PLCs supplied by others and the Modbus+ networks.

In 2019, HSQ began the North Valley Regional Recycled Water Program (NVRRWP). This involved radios, antennas, RTUs, and updates to the HSQ MISER SCADA system. The project called for modifications to the Turlock Outfall / Standpipe RTU and SCADA programming to incorporate the new pipeline valve vault at the Modesto Effluent Pump Station.

FTW City of Fort Worth Fort Worth, TX

Water Treatment and Distribution SCADA System (May 1987 - Present)

The Fort Worth Water Treatment Plant receives raw water from the Tarrant Regional Water District. That water is then treated with ozone disinfection, sedimentation, filtration, membrane filtration, and chemical adjustment. Finally, the plant provides high quality water to the City of Fort Worth. Since the initial installation of the MISER Water Distribution SCADA in 1987 HSQ has continued to expand, upgrade, and service the system.

The control system utilizes standardized controllers and the HSQ MISER SCADA system. The MISERnet software subsystem uses a Change-Of-State (COS) method for updating distributed databases, where only changes from current database are distributed. The functionality, capacity, and performance of the Primary and Backup Host computers is the same so that the SCS can be operated from either system without degradation of operation. The offline database is never more than half a second older than the online database when both computers are running normally and the network is operating.

Henrico Henrico County Richmond, VA

Water and Wastewater SCADA System (January 1990 - Present)

Instrumentation and Controls for Gambles Mill and White Oak Pumping Stations This project included two sewage pump station upgrades as well as new PLCs, workstations, programming, database, and graphics. The PLCs communicate with the AFDs via a Modbus link. Programming included automatic and manual controls for controlling pumps to maintain wet well level and modulation of the station inlet service gate.

Gilles Creek Sewage Pump Station and Flow Equalization Basin Project This project included a new PLC Assembly with an Allen-Bradley PLC5 Processor for the pump station, and a remote I/O assembly located in the Odor Control Building with a fiber optic link. Instrumentation includes flowmeters, bubblers, pressure and level transmitters, float switches, intrusion alarms, and oxygen and gas monitors and alarms. The Gillies Creek Pump Station was a working facility and all work was planned and coordinated to minimize impact on daily operation.

Patterson Avenue Water Main Project This project included two new PLC assemblies and some additional instrumentation to meter and control the flow of water between the Henrico County water system and the Goochland County water system. An indicating controller and two pressure control valves to modulate maintain system pressures were also added. Programming included local/remote/automatic modes of operation, flow computation, alarm annunciation, trends, and reports.

DPU Security Enhancements This project included modification to the facilities at Elko WPS, Len Avenue WPS, Three Chopt WPS, River Road SPS, Strawberry Hill SPS, Fort Lee Odor Control Station, and the WTP Raw Water Backwash Building to accommodate the additional status monitoring and alarms from the new security equipment. Also included was the modification of the graphic displays, databases, logs, and files at the Woodman Road Control Center for the addition of the new points.

Cyprus Ministry of Agriculture Nicosia, Republic of Cyprus

Cyprus Southern Conveyor Project (November 1995 Present)

The Southern Conveyor Project enhances the existing irrigation potential in eastern Cyprus by augmenting existing water resources with water from outside the region. To this end, a telemetry system was installed to monitor the status of the Southern Conveyor System together with the Kouris Dam and all the pipeline offtakes.

To oversee the status of reservoirs, water treatment plants, conveyors, pumping stations, and irrigation distribution networks, HSQ Technology installed a master station at the Water Development Department headquarters in Nicosia, containing a Host computer along with multiple operator workstations to provide local control.

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