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What We Do

HSQ Technology is a manufacturer, integrator and contractor specializing in data acquisition, control and communications systems. We provide turnkey systems solutions for publicly owned and operated utilities and facilities, including water systems, wastewater systems, electric power systems, public transportation systems, military bases, and other large institutional facilities. HSQ Technology provides complete system solutions. Our resources and skills allow us to take total system responsibility, and provide a single source of on-going integrated system support.


Since it was founded in 1979, HSQ Technology has completed over 200 major projects. Over the years we have developed the capability to successfully design, implement and support advanced computer based communications and control systems. HSQ's in-depth experience includes first-time field systems implementation, existing system and facilities expansion, and retrofit replacement of existing systems. HSQ Technology has built a team of highly skilled and expert people whose hands-on experience has given them the practical knowledge to achieve quality results that work right and last.

HSQ Products

HSQ has developed its own key products that allow us to provide tailored system solutions. These products are designed to reliably and efficiently meet a wide range of requirements, but be flexible enough to be configured to the specific needs of each customer.

HSQ's MISER Software provides a powerful set of tools for implementation of data acquisition, SCADA, process automation and facility management systems. MISER is very flexible and easy to use. Its fault tolerant features and field proven stability make it highly suited for mission critical applications.

HSQ Technology also manufactures the Model 2500 Family of Logic Processor and Input/Output Expansion Boards. These are standard, HSQ developed, modular hardware and software products which can be flexibly used to construct intelligent RTUs and Programmable Controllers tailored for individual system requirements.

HSQ integrates its own products with third party standard hardware and software products to provide total system solutions. HSQ is highly experienced in the development of third party communications protocols and hardware interfaces, to integrate HSQ provided products, and to match existing products.


HSQ has a staff of over 65 full time employees engaged in project management, engineering, software, production, field supervision and customer support functions. Most of HSQ's projects have included design responsibilities and, when needed, we have in-house staff to provide registered professional engineer supervised and sealed designs. HSQ's turnkey services also include system panel fabrication and assembly, factory and field testing, construction and installation, documentation, training, maintenance and technical support. We operate a 23,500 square foot headquarters office that includes a testing and production area. We operate sales and support offices in New York City, and project field offices throughout the United States.

HSQ's experience and resources provide us with the capability to provide state-of-the-art computer, data network and telecommunications systems. HSQ's systems deploy modern RISC and Intel Pentium based computers running OpenVMS and Windows NT network operating systems, and which support an open information management environment. HSQ has extensive experience with LAN and WAN technology, as well as a wide range of telecommunications technologies, including UHF/VHF radio, MAS radio, spread spectrum radio, microwave, leased lines, dial-up telephone lines, and fiber optic networks.


HSQ Technology is actively engaged in providing systems throughout the world. We have provided, or are in the process of providing, systems in the following countries:

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Brazil
  • China
  • Cyprus
  • Puerto Rico
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Trinidad and Tobago, WI
  • Uruguay
  • USA

Depending on each country's laws and local requirements, HSQ Technology will variously act as prime contractor, system subcontractor or simply as a system technology supplier. We are very interested in working with local sales representatives, technology providers and systems constructors outside the United States to establish joint marketing relationships and value added partnerships.

How We Can Help You

HSQ Technology specializes in engineered solutions, designed to meet the needs of individual customers. HSQ's products and approach are based on providing maximum flexibility and value. HSQ provides both MISER based systems with HSQ Model 2500 Logic Processors, MISER Systems with third party controllers, and systems that include no HSQ proprietary products. We work closely with each customer to select the most appropriate products, and to tailor design and application software development to best fit their operational requirements.

MISER Systems easily scale from small single computer/single user systems, to large distributed database systems with multiple control centers and many users. We design not only for the current need, but also to include the capacity to grow to meet future needs. HSQ systems are routinely expanded to several times their original size. Some HSQ systems have been in continuous operation for nearly 25 years, and many systems are able to be upgraded to the current MISER Software release with minimum rework of databases required.

At HSQ, we believe that every customer is important, and every project should be the beginning of a long term partnership. HSQ systems achieve what they are intended to achieve, because we strive to understand and implement solutions that meet each customer's particular requirements. HSQ provides and supports the complete system. We offer a flexible, total system support program, from telephone technical support through full on-site maintenance.

At HSQ Technology, we strive to accomplish a result that we and our customer can point to with pride and satisfaction.

For more information on how HSQ Technology can help you, please contact us at: sales@hsq.com.