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25x86 Logic Processor



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The Model 25x86 Logic Processor Stack is an x86-based data acquisition and control computer intended for a wide range of telemetry, SCADA, distributed automation and facilities management applications. The 25x86 processor board provides software and communications compatibility with existing HSQ Model 2500/86 and HSQ25x86 RTU Model 2500 Logic Processors.

The Model 25xX86 is provided with HSQ developed software which supports report-by-exception, real-time clock synchronized to the master system clock, local time-stamped Sequence Of Events (SOE), local alarm detection and engineering units conversion, and user definable computations and control logic.

Key Features

  • Industrial x86 Processor
  • Open PC/104 Bus Architecture
  • HSQ Model 2500/86 Compatibility
  • Distributed Alarm and Data Processing
  • Sequence of Events (SOE) Buffering
  • Synchronized Real Time Clock
  • Intelligent Stand Alone Control
  • VisualCL Programming (IEC 1131-3 Based)
  • Scalable I/O Battery
  • Backup Power Supply Option
  • Redundant Power Supply Option
  • Redundant Processor Option
  • IEEE 802.3 10/100Base-T Ethernet
  • IP LAN/WAN Support
  • MODBUS Master and Slave Capability