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MISER, HSQ's premier SCADA solution now runs on Microsoft® Windows® XP. With this release of MISER, you get a product that is robust enough to meet your needs, yet simple enough to operate using the familiar Windows® interface. This version of MISER will still retain the greatest core features and will include enhanced features such as report generation and the ability to share MISER data with offline applications such as Microsoft® Access and Excel.

25X86 Logic Processor

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The HSQ 25X86 Logic Processor is an x86 industrial logic processor designed for use in intelligent Remote Terminal Units (RTU) and programmable controller applications.

Included with the HSQ 25X86 is internally developed software supporting report-by-exception, real-time clock synchronized to the master system clock, local time-stamped Sequence Of Events (SOE), local alarm detection and engineering units conversion, and user definable computations and control logic. The HSQ 25X86 was designed for data acquisition, telemetry, SCADA, and process automation.