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HSQ Technology provides turnkey control and communications solutions around the globe to a wide variety of water/wastewater management needs.

Water Management

HSQ Technology has been contracted to provide a Process Controls and SCADA Systems Replacement for the City of Newport News Water Supply System.

The system consists of dual redundant, DEC AlphaServer hosts for the Process Control SCADA system and the Historical Storage and Retrieval subsystem. The system will also incorporate ORACLE SQL servers for database retrieval functions. In addition, HSQ is incorporating SCADA data in a Stoner software modeling package for use by Waterworks engineers.

United Water New Jersey. HSQ has delivered the first of six new 25X86 Logic Processor RTUs to augment United Water's existing MISER system. These six RTUs are based on the PC/104 standard.

Also as part of the United Water New Jersey upgrade, work is to be performed at the Haworth Treatment Plant site. HSQ will provide a state-of-the-art MISER SCADA System with nine HSQ 25X86 RTUs. MISER is to replace an outdated Westinghouse system. The new MISER System interfaces to an existing MISER SCADA System already operating onsite.

Wastewater Collection

The Nashville, Tennessee, Overflow Abatement Program provided for the replacement and expansion of an existing wastewater SCADA system that had become difficult to maintain, was obsolete, and which had no capacity for expansion.

HSQ Technology was awarded a contract for the design, development and installation of a master station, all remote operator stations, Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) and a spread spectrum radio network communications system. Also included in the contract were all modifications to existing facilities, wiring, radio path analysis, and installation of the radio repeater and antennas.

Wastewater Treatment

HSQ has recently delivered and installed a Process Control System Replacement for the Howard F. Curren Wastewater Treatment Plant for the City of Tampa, Florida .

Hydro Meteorological

The hydro meteorological system installed by Furnas Centrais Elétricas S.A. of Brazil , utilizes the Inmarsat Standard C satellite system in conjunction with a SCADA system from HSQ Technology for monitoring and control of 27 remote weather stations located throughout 75,000 square miles of the remote Tocantins River basin.

The monitoring system provided by HSQ Technology and its local partner Vector Engenharia is used to forecast water inflow into the area's dams. By tracking how much precipitation has fallen in the river basin, and using this information in sophisticated hydrological models, Furnas can determine how much water will arrive at a downstream dam. This data is then used to make decisions on turbine and spillway operations for optimizing power generation and controlling floods.


The Cyprus Southern Conveyor Project enhances the existing irrigation potential in eastern Cyprus by augmenting existing water resources with water from outside the region.

To this end, a telemetry system was installed to monitor the status of the Southern Conveyor System together with the Kouris Dam and all the pipeline off-takes. To oversee these tasks, HSQ Technology installed a master station at the Water Development Department's headquarters in Nicosia, containing a host computer along with multiple operator workstations to provide local control.

The HSQ Technology SCADA System enables two-way interrogation by individual workstations upline to the master station and downline to monitoring stations and equipment installed on-site.